It was a wonderful webinar, Iain! We have received so many positive comments and some great feedback [from across Canada]. I look forward to working with you again!
(Manager, non-governmental organisation, Canada)

I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your hard work. The report is fantastic. It is very concise, professional and meets all of our expectations.
(Project Manager, government agency, New Zealand)

Response times to assist always met and never too much trouble for you to fit in to our timeframes. Advice provided back was relevant and timely - and well considered of the issues. Interest levels in the project always high - that is, you always dropped a note to see how things were going and to see where you could assist.
(Senior manager, consultancy organisation, Australia)

You were responsive to client needs, made sure you delivered what you said you would on time, in a professional way and to a high standard...and greatly assisted Regional Managers to deal with a high profile operational issue.
(Senior manager, government agency, New Zealand)

I would have to say the experience was good. I had no problems and would not hesitate to contract you again
(Manager, government agency, New Zealand)

The evaluation plan was very clear and it was easy to see what was happening, methodologies and reasons for selecting the methodologies. Regular face to face meetings and phone calls were good to address issues that came up during the process. The final report was clear and easy for a wide audience to understand.
(Programme manager, non-governmental organisation, New Zealand)

It was a good piece of work...what I liked about you was that you always did what you said that you were going to do. I learnt a lot from you guys.
(Programme manager, government agency, New Zealand)

Iain�s understanding of the course requirements, academic standards, and evaluation practice provided an effective basis for careful, comprehensive and astute assessment...I am more than happy to invite him to do further work...I find Iain very easy to work with, open to negotiation and prompt in meeting deadlines.
(Senior academic, university sector, New Zealand)

It has been a pleasure (and fun) to have worked with you.
(Manager, government agency, New Zealand)